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Working with FosteringMatters

FosteringMatters is a ‘GOOD’ small provider of foster care services in the UK, which makes us the agency of choice for many varied Local Authorities. Since 2004, we’ve been shown to match each child with the most appropriate foster parents and we work closely with each Local Authority to ensure our foster placements always serves the child’s best interests.

We care about developing services to get the best possible outcomes.

We work hard to improve the quality of care for every child we look after by monitoring and managing each child’s fostering placement and individually meeting the child’s care plan. We show good outcomes  by keeping a detailed placement file for each child and recording the outcome of every fostering placement. These records are available to all local authorities who have foster children placed through FosteringMatters.

The best people with the very best training.

All of our staff are  experienced, and appropriately qualified. We provide effective assessment, supervision , support and training plans to develop the skills and knowledge of our foster carers and we provide 24-hour emergency support to all our foster carers, right across England and Wales.

Core Values

  • Safety

  • Diveristy

  • Scrutiny

  • Family

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