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Working with FosteringMatters

FosteringMatters provides the highest quality services at all times. FosteringMatters directors and employees provides services that offer children and young people a genuine opportunity to achieve stability in their lives and to give them the opportunities and tools to maximise their individual potential.

In accordance with the National Minimum Standards, FosteringMatters ensures “the child’s welfare, safety and needs are at the centre” of all we do.

FosteringMatters works with openness and honesty at all times. Our approach is informed by our view that all relationships should be underpinned by commitment to this value and that all services are offered to customers and service users in a way that ensures a sense of fairness and equity for all.

Core Values

  • Safety

  • Diveristy

  • Scrutiny

  • Family

Opportunities to Make a Difference

FosteringMatters purpose is providing you with the opportunity to make a difference to a child’s life. We ensure as a Foster Carer – you will grow from the excellent support services we provide, the training we provide and from being in a great small supportive family company across England and Wales.

FosteringMatters aims to provide stable and quality foster care for children who are valued, supported, and encouraged to grow and develop as individuals. To achieve this aim, FosteringMatters recruit, train and approve foster carers and deliver on-going support to them.


  • Stability

  • Excellence

  • Difference

  • Encouragement

What Foster carers can expect from ‘FosteringMatters’

FosteringMatters recognises that Foster Carers have skills and expertise and make the biggest difference to the everyday lives of children in their care. We believe that Foster Carers must be enabled to access learning and development opportunities throughout their fostering career. This will ensure that they have the skills and knowledge they need and allow them to develop their practice in order that they can help transform the lives of the children they foster.

  • Value your skills and expertise equally to those of other professionals.

  • Recognise that you are the people who live with the children every day and therefore, know them best.

  • Include you in all meetings that affect you and the children you care for with the exception of ‘Safeguarding’ meetings about you, where we are instructed by the Local Authority, not to invite you. In this instance, we will give you all information possible to help you.

  • Ensure that our Fostering service will meet the standards set out in fostering regulations and guidance.

  • Treat you without discrimination and respect you as a colleague.

  • Respect confidentiality.

  • Provide you and your family with appropriate and relevant training by trainers who understand the fostering task and a manner which is accessible including on-line training.

  • Provide you with other development opportunities, which will make the best use of your skills and expertise, such as mentoring or support between carers if that is considered helpful.


  • Guidance

  • Support

  • Development

  • Rewards

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